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Investing for Children in Australia

Give your children the gift of financial security and opportunity with strategic investments tailored to their needs. Our financial planning company is here to help you build a strong financial foundation for your children, ensuring brighter tomorrows.

Why should you choose our Investing For Children Financial Planning Service

Family-Focused Financial Goals

When you collaborate with us, we go beyond merely creating investment plans for your children. We assist in setting comprehensive financial goals for your entire family. This approach ensures a well-defined budget and proper allocation of family finances, promoting overall financial well-being.

Flexible Family Budgeting

As your family grows and evolves, rigid budgets may no longer suffice to meet your increasing needs. Our expertise lies in designing flexible budgeting strategies that adapt to the changing dynamics of your family. We help create a budget that can be easily adjusted as your requirements evolve.

Wealth Building Opportunities

We provide innovative ideas and strategies to help you build wealth for your family. By leveraging our guidance, you can explore avenues for increased financial growth, resulting in more significant investment opportunities for your children. Families who choose to work independently may not have access to these specialised opportunities, making our financial service an invaluable resource for investing in your children’s future.

We are dedicated to provide timely service and quality whilst adapting with the times to offer our clients innovative solutions.

    Benefits of Engaging Children's Investment Financial Planners in Melbourne, Australia


    Education coverage

    The cost of quality education in Melbourne, Australia, can be substantial. Planning for your children's education expenses is crucial. With our expert advice, we help you develop and implement a robust child investment plan that ensures adequate coverage for their future education. This provides peace of mind, knowing that you have a well-structured plan in place to handle educational costs.


    Health coverage

    Every parent desires their child to live a healthy life and have access to quality medical care. On your own, it can be challenging to identify the most suitable child insurance or investment plan that covers potential medical expenses. However, with our services, you gain access to tailored insurance or investment plans that provide financial support in the event of unforeseen health circumstances. Whether your family has a history of specific illnesses or health conditions, we can help you invest in a plan that ensures comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.


    Personalised services

    Raising a family comes with its share of challenges, particularly when your children reach high school and college years. These stages often involve increased expenses, such as tertiary education, purchasing a car, or securing their first home. Our financial planners specialise in creating personalised plans to secure a financially stable future for your children. By working with us, you can proactively prepare for these upcoming financial milestones.


    Saving for future goals

    Preparing for your children's future needs can be a significant financial undertaking. Before selecting the best child investment plan, a thorough analysis of current and future expenses is crucial. Our financial planning service in Melbourne, Australia, excels in creating comprehensive saving plans that align with your unique circumstances and goals. We understand the importance of balancing investments for your children while still securing savings for your own future. With our assistance, the process becomes more manageable, allowing you to achieve financial stability for both you and your children.

    Take control of your finances

    With our expert guidance

    At Future Needs, we understand the importance of setting up tailored investment strategies for children’s savings in Australia. Every child’s financial situation and future goals are unique, which is why we offer personalised investment solutions. Our experienced financial planners take into account factors such as the child’s age, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon to develop a strategy that aligns with their needs.

    Whether you are saving for their education, a major milestone, or simply building long-term wealth, we analyse various investment options, such as managed funds, stocks, bonds, or education savings accounts, to create a diversified portfolio. With our guidance, you can optimise returns, manage risk effectively, and provide a solid financial foundation for your children’s future.

    Financial goal planning

    Cash flow management

    Risk assessment strategy

    Investment portfolio optimisation

    Investing in Children's Future: Balancing Risk and Return

    Investing for children’s future in Australia involves striking the right balance between risk and return. At Future Needs, we recognise the importance of growing their savings while protecting their financial well-being. Our team of financial planners evaluates various investment opportunities to find a balance that aligns with your risk tolerance and the specific needs of your children.

    We analyse potential returns, consider different asset classes, and create a diversified portfolio tailored to your goals. By managing risk effectively and staying updated on market trends, we aim to maximise returns while safeguarding your children’s savings. With our expertise in balancing risk and return, you can invest confidently, knowing that their future is in capable hands.

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    We are dedicated to provide timely service and quality whilst adapting with the times to offer our clients innovative solutions.


    Investing for children in Australia provides an opportunity to secure their financial future and provide them with a head start in life. By starting early, you can take advantage of the power of compounding and potentially accumulate substantial savings over time. Investing for children allows you to build a fund for education expenses, help them achieve major milestones, or simply provide a financial safety net as they transition into adulthood.

    There are various investment options available for children in Australia, including managed funds, education savings accounts, bonds, shares, and even real estate investment trusts (REITs). Each option comes with its own risk and return profile. It is important to consider the child’s investment timeframe, risk tolerance, and financial goals when selecting the most suitable investment option.

    Yes, there can be tax benefits associated with investing for children in Australia. For example, contributions made to an education savings account may be eligible for government co-contributions, and the investment earnings may be taxed at a lower rate. It is recommended to consult with a qualified tax advisor or financial planner to understand the specific tax implications and benefits related to investing for children in Australia.

    It is generally beneficial to start investing for your child in Australia as early as possible. The earlier you start, the more time there is for your investments to grow. However, it is never too late to begin investing for your child’s future. Even if your child is approaching adulthood, strategic investment planning can still make a significant difference in their financial outlook. Consulting with a financial planner can help determine the optimal investment strategy based on your child’s age, goals, and investment horizon.